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About Us

Allegiance Home Health Care LLC is a privately-owned home care agency providing non-medical care to seniors, infirmed and mobility-limited individuals in the community.

Our objective is to deliver first-rate home care services without compare. From the very start, we have established our agency to answer the non-medical care and support that is needed by those who are going through difficulties with old age or disability. We also want to help family members who are looking for peace of mind when it comes to the wellbeing of a sick or elderly loved one. These dilemmas are real and they are faced by countless families throughout the community. We want to help! As a team, we believe it is their duty to deliver expertise in providing home care for your family.

We want to uphold the highest standards of providing care that promotes a pleasant recovery experience or a quality life through your loved one’s golden years.

From our committed care team at Allegiance Home Health Care LLC to your family: know that you have an ally in us. Call us at 414-935-2551 for more information on home care.

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